A collaborative initiative in support of entrepreneurship and technological innovation in Denton, Texas.

The City of Denton is advancing local high-tech development and fostering creative innovation in a drive to establish itself as one of the most connected cities in the world.

Denton has long been a center for cultural innovation. In recent years, jobs in the high-tech industry have shifted to college towns and urban locales. Our two universities and a growing creative class help us top the charts at #6 in a national study of high-tech capabilities and job creation. We also rank in the top ten cities for data-security, thanks to our low-risk, cost-effective data protection services.

We’re working together to define what technological innovation can mean to a growing city. From fostering ideas and creativity in new businesses and startups to connecting as a community to solve serious planning and public health issues, we look forward to advancing the impact a modern city like Denton can have on the way the world thinks.